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Complete package

It’s a pressie for my son so looks good husband approves

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
James Mckenzie-hall
Very Efficient Service

I was impressed with the efficient replacement of my faulty Nuts Groomer. Thank you.

Perfect replacement blade

Great quality and helps to keep my shaver tidy and hygienic.

Wrong one

I recived the wrong charger the first time and had to rebuy. Not sure if the mistake was on my end or yours. It doesn't matter either way. The second cable works fine

NUTS 3.0 Balls Trimmer for head, body and beard
Neil Mcintyre
Lightweight easy to use and quiet

Brilliant replacement to the old style trimmer. It’s a sleek design which makes it easy to handle. One guard which means less to go missing. And it’s quiet so doesn’t disturb anyone else in the house ( better for your privacy). Great after sales customer service to. I recommend this to anyone looking for a trimmer.

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
Steven Atwal

Job done!

NUTS 3.0 Balls Trimmer for head, body and beard
Michael Warwick
3.0 balls and beard trimmer

Wasn't expecting this to get as close as it did. Hair is nice and trimmed and ball sack is lovely and smooth . Couldn't be happier glad I made the purchase

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
Belfield Nicholas

Balls are well smooth 😜

NUTS 3.0 Balls Trimmer for head, body and beard
Edward Blakeway
Absolute game changer

Quality gift from the Mrs. Great for my beard and ball sack. LED light is cool too! Would recommend

NUTS BallBlade Balls Trimmer

Works as it should

I did cut myself however that is the fault of me not the shaver. It’s decent mate

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
khairun hasham

Its very nice machine. My teen grandson was happy. Although the plastic seems delicate and could do with bit strong material.
Thank you!

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
Robert Ferman

WOW! Finally a ball bag shaver that doesn't rip mine to smithereens! Thanks SmoothNuts for this “skin saving” shaver - AWESOME!

The perfect trimmer for all over your body

I am very pleased with this little trimmer and wish I had bought one sooner. No nicks, or cuts, easy to handle, great battery life, and looks pretty neat too.

NUTS Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0

I am now the proud owner of some smoothnuts, I was nervous at first but I had no need to be, great buy!

Perfect little gadget

Smooth as a babies bum when done. Easy peasy to use.

NUTS Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0
fred Long

SmoothNuts Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0

NUTS Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0
Jason Reed
Whoa smooth nuts

My nuts have never been smoother.

Spare blade

It does the job its intended for, works well.

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
Russell Smith
Smooth as silk

Takes personal grooming to a whole new level, I use in combination with the SmoothNuts shaver
and have to say I am a convert, really pleased.

NUTS Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0
Russell Smith

Does exactly what it says, works best in combination with the Ballblade, a truly winning combination for a finish that's super smooth.

NUTS 4-in-1 Groomer
Simeon Petkov

BallBlade Balls Trimmer by SmoothNuts

NUTS Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0
Svilen Alekov

SmoothNuts Original Balls & Body Trimmer 1.0

Should have bought one sooner

I wasn’t interested in being clean shaven down there but I was sick of using scissors to maintain length. I’ve been using the 3mm guard and it makes maintenance really quick and straightforward. People talk about it catching your delicate parts but I’m assuming this is more of a risk without a guard on. I’ve been using this dry in the bath then washing the tiny hairs down the drain. I understand it can be used both wet and dry but I’ve only used it one way.

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